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    Ben is Director at Calculate where he partners with technology startups as their VP of Finance and Strategic Advisor. He combines a background in banking with several years' experience working with growing tech businesses, in both business and technical capacities.

    After college, Ben went into finance by joining Citi's Corporate Bank. He spent six years covering large Industrial clients across the Chemicals, Agriculture, and Metals & Mining industries.


    Two years before joining Calculate Ben left Citi for the startup world, launching a sleep-tracking app and chatbot he built while at Citi. He also offered Finance and Operations advisory for a number of early-stage startups. In his advisory capacity, Ben used his finance background to help startups refine their business model and secure funding, while also helping non-technical founders communicate with and build their engineering teams.

    Ben holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Williams College.

    In Ben's Words


    I enjoy using my finance toolkit, but have always had an entrepreneurial itch, and an interest in growing businesses. Working with our clients and helping them develop their new and exciting ideas gives me the opportunity to engage both.

    The Extras


    Favorite Place Visited: A camping trip through a cave complex (Hang En cave) in Vietnam, stands out to me. It was pretty far off the beaten path, the guides were local and the small group of us came from all over the world, so there wasn't much language overlap. Nonetheless, we got to know each other pretty well after hiking through the jungle and some pretty unbelievable caves for two days.
    First Job: Wrangling campers at a golf camp hosted at my eventual alma mater. The other counselors were collegiate golfers, and I was much younger and only an acceptable player, so I was tasked with instructing only the truly hopeless cases.
    Hidden Talent: I play guitar and sing in a heavy metal band. Very little skill overlap between this and my work for Calculate.